Friday, June 20, 2014

ultimi giorni a Venezia

The most memorable thing I did during my entire semester in Venice was paddle boarding in the canals. Despite much skepticism from our friends and classmates, my roommate Emma and I finally decided to do it right before we left. 

We pulled the paddle boards out of our guide's apartment... she doesn't have a big operation going on

of course we got caught in boat traffic a few seconds after we got in the water...
We were terrified to fall in- or even get wet for that matter. We've heard horror stories of the diseases people get from falling into the canals. For centuries the city's sewage has been deposited right into the canal water...

This was definitely a better way to see Venice than a gondola! 
We were a spectacle to locals and tourists

finally got the hang of it!


Murano is an island off of Venice that specializes in glass making 

Fundamente Nova- the strand of bridges I ran a few days a week

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