Wednesday, April 30, 2014

London & España

On Easter Sunday my family and I flew to London. After living in a somewhat conservative city in Italy and spending holy week in Germany, I half expected a lot of restaurants and stores to be closed in London as well... but I was wrong. As soon as I stepped out of the tube, I was reminded how much London is like New York. Never a dull moment.
I was in London years ago but I only have a vague memory of it. This time I really fell in love with the city although it really made me miss New York and Dublin.

 Kensington Palace
Unfortunately the Royal family spent Easter in Australia

The incoming storm made a good photo 

News room of the BBC- so cool! 

Wednesday morning I said a sad goodbye to my mom and we parted for separate airports. She was going back to NY and I was heading to Madrid to meet Kate, my friend from BC whose studying there 

Plaza de Cibeles

Alumudena Cathedral
Royal Palace

After a wonderful two days with Kate filled with tapas, shopping and sightseeing,  I took a quick flight to Barcelona and spent a solid 24 hours there. I met one of my friends from home, Will who was traveling through Spain for his break and one from BC, Addison, whose been working and studying in Barca all year 

The windy Barceloneta beach 

back in my element 

Will and I were in heaven with all the surf shops

deadly clouds that chased me and Addison

Gaudí's Parque Güell

Barcelona definitely lived up to my expectations! My only regret is not having more time in Spain but I was definitely happy to get back to Venice. I've also realized my Spanish (after taking it for seven years) is really rusty... actually I think my Italian is just as good at this point

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gondola Ride & Germany Round 2

When I got back from Cologne late Monday night, I practically ran through the streets of Venice to meet my family at their hotel. They'd been there for 2 days already enjoying the city I've called home for the last two months. Unfortunately I had class on Tuesday and Wednesday so I didn't get to spend all that much time with them aside from our roof-top breakfast and our gondola ride

Munich, Germany
Nymphenburg Palace

New Town Hall

 Hofbräuhaus- Beer hall & Brewery owned by the Bavarian state

BMW Museum/headquarters

Olympic Park

1972 Olympic pool- Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals in lane 4
Interesting to think how high-tech it was considered back then

Salzburg, Austria
On our third day we took a beautiful two hour train ride to Salzburg, Austria. The relatively small city is best known for being the birthplace of Mozart in the 18th century and the filming location of the Sound of Music. 

 Mirabell Gardens 
House where the Sound of Music was filmed 

Shopping street, Getreidegasse 

Salzach river 

Dachau Concentration Camp
On our last full day in Germany we went to Dachau concentration camp which has been transformed into a memorial and museum. It was actually the first Nazi concentration camp to be opened in 1933 and was liberated in 1945. 206,206 people passed through the camp in these 12 years.

To describe the experience in one word: numbing 
The entrance 
"work will set you free"

The barracks- the only building still open for viewing

Roll call square and maintenance building, now the museum