Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello from Frankfurt!
Yes, Germany. Only here for a bit though, I’m off to Paris to visit Natalie!
Long story short, after some miscommunication, Natalie and I had unknowingly been planning my visit for different weekends... luckily we realized late last night before I booked anything. Turns out the weekend I was planning didn't work for her BUT after some scrambling we found some reasonable flights for this weekend. Travel spontaneity like this isn't really out of character for me, but its usually Boston-New York, not to 2 different countries where I don't speak the language. The only downside to being so last minute  was that they aren’t directs but I really dont mind the short layovers. I’ve never been to Germany so I guess I can check that off my list now?

I’m definitely a little bummed to miss out on the second Carnevale weekend in Venice. Although the tourist crowds have been so crazy there this week, and its rumored to get worse. And the costumes? Think Halloween on steroids. People walk around the city in the most bizarre masks and costumes- and not just the touristy areas. I (literally) almost ran into a woman dressed in Renaissance attire right outside my apartment the other day. And I’ll see more of that next week. 

Well, I’m about to board my flight to Charles De Gaulle! Can’t wait for Natalie to show me her  version of Paris, I haven’t seen her in almost a year.

The weather was on my side this week

See what I mean?

Things get weird at night during Carnevale

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