Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dodge's Palace, Burano & Verona

Still haven’t spent a full weekend in Venice quiet yet, but this was close enough.

Friday afternoon my Art and & Architecture class had a private tour of The Dodge’s Palace. The architecture was truly stunning and I’m realizing more and more that Venetian style cannot compare to anything else I’ve seen in Europe. 

from the courtyard of the Dodge's palace

Bridge of Sighs- the last chance prisoners had to see Venice before they were locked away

On Saturday, taking advantage of the warm weather, 3 BC girls and I took a 50 minute boat ride to the Island of Burano. The island is known for its fishermen inhabitants, lace-making and of course, its colorful houses. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the lace making museum, which I was told by a classmate was really cool.  All the reason to go back! 

my ideal future home

Since all of my roommates went to Florence for the weekend, I had the apartment all to myself. So Saturday I hosted a little dinner party for the 9 other BC kids who live on the Island of San Servolo who don’t have kitchens and were longing for a taste of home. I (the master chef that I am) contributed to making chocolate chip pancakes. yum

Sunday morning the BC crew took a trip to fair Verona. The train ride there was an unnecessary two hours (made that train by 3 minutes by the way), but the ride back was a bit over an hour (I had to run to catch that train too… common trend here?) 
When we planned Verona, I anticipated a quaint little medieval town filled with tiny shops overwhelming tourists with the Romeo & Juliet theme. While those types of shops were there, Verona ended up being a pretty big city! In fact, it has way more inhabitants than the city of Venice (which I learned on Friday is declining by 1,000 
people every year) 

Arena di Verona

that famous balcony

Letters to Juliet

 Back in Venice- my favorite pizza so far!

On another note, I started running again and booked a one way ticket to Milan this weekend...

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