Friday, April 18, 2014

Germany Round 1

After another beautiful week in Venice, I headed to Cologne, Germany to meet two of my best friends from home, Marissa and Will. A lot of my friends at VIU (many of them German) gave me looks of skepticism when I told them where I was going for the weekend. It was sort of a wildcard but Will is studying at University of Mannheim in west Germany and he suggested we visit a bigger German city.

Kölner Dom, built in the 13th century 

Cable car across the Rhein

Rhein Park

Why don't we have fun playgrounds like this?

BC colors

One thing Venice lacks in the spring is flowers (and grass in general)

17 years later we made it to Germany 

Kölsh- the city's beer

Auf Wiedersehen, Köln!

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